1. What is OLLI?

OLLI is the acronym for Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. OLLI provides intellectual, social, and cultural enrichment opportunities in a climate that fosters friendship and a mutual sharing of ideas and life experiences. OLLI offers educational courses, as well as, entertainment through classes, bonus sessions, field trips, socials, special events, and travel. OLLI is a year-round, member-centered, member-led, program catering to mature adults. The University of Alabama enjoys national status as one of 124 college affiliated OLLIs across the country which receives funding from The Bernard Osher Foundation. To learn more, visit www.osherfoundation.org.

  1. Why should I join?

Those who are actively engaged in their communities, and who continue to learn throughout their lives, feel more productive and purposeful, and are healthier and happier. Members share common bonds of intellectual curiosity and the experience of their generation. They are self-motivated learners, eager to share opinions, knowledge, and expertise with humor and mutual respect. OLLI offers opportunities to meet new friends, make contacts, and develop connections.

  1. What are the requirements to join?

Any adult may become a member by paying the annual membership fee.  There are no other requirements.

  1. Where are the classes held?

During the COVID pandemic, OLLI is holding classes online through Zoom. If you are curious or want to learn Zoom before the classes begin in September, please call the OLLI office for details at 205-348-6482. We will resume classes in person as soon as we can.

  1. Where do I park?

Parking permits will not be necessary until classes resume in person.

If you are attending a class at the Bryant Conference Center or on the UA campus, you will need to purchase a UA Parking Permit from OLLI. This permit will enable you to park in the Capstone deck and connecting lot across the street from the Bryant Conference Center. Parking Registration forms can be picked up and returned during the open house or in the OLLI office.

Parking at The Gadsden Center is available at no charge at the entrance of the building.

Parking at The Greater Birmingham Locations is available at no charge in the parking lots of all locations.

  1. What does OLLI participation cost?

OLLI is a membership-based organization. Members pay an annual membership fee of $50. This fee allows members to participate in bonus sessions, socials, and travel opportunities. To participate in courses, there is a $50 semester course package fee for each term to take as many classes as you like.  Some programs, trips or events may carry an additional fee due to materials, travel or other cost requirements. Scholarships are available. Many courses have a set capacity and participation is limited to those who register first.

Registration is required for all OLLI Programs, even the weekly bonuses.  You must register to receive your link to participate.

  1. Do I have to register every semester?

Yes. Although most courses do not have a registration deadline, please register at (205) 348-3000 as early as possible to ensure your seat will be reserved. Leave a message and you will receive a return call. If a class is full, call the OLLI Office at (205) 348-6482 to be put on a Wait List.  During semesters of Zoom classes, you must register to receive the link to join the class.

  1. May I bring a guest?

Enthusiasm for our program is contagious. We encourage every member to tell friends about OLLI and invite them to our Bonus Programs that are open to the public and Open Houses. For a complete listing, see our website OLLI Opportunities Open to the Public. And yes, you will need to register your guest by calling (205) 348-3000 or (205) 348-6482 for assistance or you may register online at olli.ua.edu.

  1. How can I offer suggestions for courses?

We want your recommendations. Please include them on your emailed evaluations. All suggestions are then provided to that chapter’s Curriculum Committee for review. In the meantime, if you have suggestions for a lecture or instructor, please contact the OLLI office staff at 205-348-6482 or email olli@ccs.ua.edu.

  1. Does OLLI have volunteer opportunities?

YES!!!!  Come join us.

It takes a lot of hard work from our volunteers to make OLLI at UA a success. We are constantly seeking volunteers to help with our various committees. Some areas that you can be involved in are curriculum, socials, greeters, photography, social media, membership, instructors, facilitators, fundraising, and marketing. If you would like to participate, please contact the OLLI office at 205-348-6482 or olli@ccs.ua.edu.

  1. Who are the instructors?

Our instructors include university faculty, both active and retired, community educators and leaders, and our OLLI members. If you are interested in teaching, contact the OLLI staff at 205-348-6482 or olli@ccs.ua.edu.

  1. Does the schedule ever change?

Yes, so please be sure we have your correct email address and telephone number on file in the OLLI office. Courses are scheduled months in advance. Due to circumstances beyond our control, class dates, instructors, times, and locations are sometimes subject to change. We will make every effort possible to notify you, in advance, about schedule or instructor changes. In the case of inclement weather, we abide by The University of Alabama weather instructions. If The University of Alabama is closed, OLLI is closed. This is in effect whether classes are online or in person. Please watch your local news for school closings.

  1. Can I get a refund?

Annual membership fee and semester course package fees are non-refundable. If there is a class fee and you cancel within fourteen days of the class, you qualify for a refund of that fee. To cancel, call registration services at (205) 348-3000. We will address trip cancellations when travel resumes.

  1. Do I get a name badge?

OLLI members may receive a name badge during the open house, the first week of classes (where available) or pick up your badge in the OLLI office.

  1. How do I join?

Registration may be completed online at www.olli.ua.edu. You may also complete a registration form and mail it to OLLI Registration, Box 870388, Tuscaloosa, AL, 35487, or call the registration office at (205) 348-3000, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Leave a message and you will receive a return call.

  1. How may I donate to OLLI?

Your donations are needed. Financial circumstances may limit someone’s ability to participate in lifelong learning activities. Therefore, people like you help with financial gifts. Your tax-deductible donation will assist someone in membership, but also help with other expenses, as well as, potential growth. You might even consider underwriting our receptions, lodging, meals, adding to our endowment fund or remembering OLLI in your trust or will. Please help to support OLLI in all our fundraising initiatives. For information regarding the appropriate philanthropic path for you, please contact the OLLI office.

  1. How do I contact OLLI?

For OLLI questions, please call the office at (205) 348-6482 or email us at olli@ccs.ua.edu. For OLLI registration, please call Registration Services at (205) 348-3000 and leave a message. You will receive a return call.