Although OLLI has a capable and talented staff, the success of OLLI depends on its members – their volunteerism, their continuous participation, and their financial generosity. Membership dues and course fees are deliberately modest to enable everyone to enjoy OLLI, but philanthropic giving by members and the community at large is necessary to assure a vibrant future for OLLI. There are many options available for helping ensure that OLLI will be available for future generations.

The following funds facilitate and enhance OLLI operations.

  • The OLLI Gift Fund enables OLLI to maintain an affordable program for its members and provides the flexibility for OLLI to adjust to unexpected needs and the ever-changing environment in adult lifelong learning. Recent examples of gifts to this fund include one gift of $1,000 unrestricted and another of $2,000 earmarked for OLLI’s membership marketing efforts.
OLLI General Gift Fund
  • The Peter Peacock Memorial Scholarship Fund was initiated by OLLI member Dorothy Peacock in memory of her late husband. Its purpose is to provide scholarships for individuals who want to participate in OLLI but require financial assistance to do so. Special events can be marked by donations to this fund. For example, the family of a charter member of OLLI donated 80 membership scholarships in honor of her 80th birthday. As well as honoring an individual, gifts like this strengthen OLLI’s outreach ability.
Peter Peacock Scholarship Endowment
  • The Dennis James Memorial Fund was endowed through a $50,000 bequest. Interest from the fund provides transportation for an OLLI travel opportunity every other year. Through the gift, more than 100 people have traveled to see the kinds of things Dennis loved – like architecture. If you enjoy learning through travel, consider donating to this fund so others can share your passion.
Dennis James Travel Endowment

There are several ways to give to OLLI:

  • Make a check to “OLLI at UA” and mail it to OLLI at UA, Box 870398, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487
  • Effect a credit card transaction by calling OLLI Registration Services (205) 348-3000
  • Go online to “”  and type “Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Support Fund” into the search bar

Types of gifts: (make this a header in some way)

  • cash contributions
  • gifts for endowed scholarships
  • appreciated marketable securities
  • real estate
  • naming OLLI as a beneficiary in a will or revocable living trust
  • personal property, collections
  • Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) from regular IRAs

For assistance in designating a gift, please contact Jennifer Anderson, OLLI director, at (205) 348-3002 or For more details about or assistance with other gift options, please contact Ashley Olive, executive director of community engagement, at or (205) 348-6330. She would be glad to speak with you or meet.

Even though The University of Alabama is a qualified 501(c)(3) organization consistent with IRS regulations, the benefits to individuals or organizations for tax purposes vary based on the character of the gift as well as donor circumstances. The OLLI staff recommends consultation with your financial advisor.