Over the past decade, online learning has become an integral pedagogical strategy for districts interested in offering their students great access to a variety of educational options. Since 2006, ACCESS has delivered the full Alabama Course of Study to tens of thousands of Alabama’s students with limited course selection, at-risk students pursuing credit recovery, accelerated students seeking advanced placement, students with disabilities or transportation problems, and students whose second language is English. ACCESS Virtual Learning is an education initiative of the Alabama State Department of Education which provides opportunities and options for Alabama high school students to engage in Advanced Placement (AP), elective, and other courses to which they may not otherwise have access. Currently we offer over 120 courses during the 10-month school year and over 40 summer school courses whereby students can earn credit towards high school graduation. 


The goal of ACCESS is to create equity across Alabama by delivering digital distance educational opportunities to public high school students.


The mission of ACCESS is to provide an infrastructure that delivers equitable, quality learning opportunities for all citizens.


The State of Alabama provides equal access to high-quality instruction to improve student achievement through distance learning.