Virtual learning has the potential to change students’ lives. ACCESS has already made tremendous progress in creating a world-class distance learning program. The program has helped to double the percentage of students taking AP courses, increased access to more specialized courses, prepared thousands of students to become digital-learners, and expanded course offerings for students living in rural communities. 

Student Role

Personal characteristics and actions will influence your success as a virtual learning student. In general, to be successful in an online environment, you will need to be an independent learner, computer literate, and an effective communicator. You should also be interested in the concept of online learning and willing to ask for help and share problems and/or concerns with others. We encourage you to work hard, maintain a pace that will allow you to complete your assignments on time, and maintain daily communication with your ACCESS teacher. Personal characteristics and actions such as these will not only provide you with a rewarding classroom experience, but will also enable you to be successful in the online or interactive videoconferencing environment.