ACCESS Annual Awards

The University of Alabama ACCESS Support Center is now accepting nominations for the 2018-2019 ACCESS Awards. The five categories are as follows: ACCESS Administrator of the Year, ACCESS Teacher of the Year, ACCESS Counselor of the Year, ACCESS Facilitator of the Year, and ACCESS Student of the Year. Contact the UA Support Center for more details. Please have these nominations turned in to your Support Center no later than April 30, 2019. We will select one support center winner for each of the categories and recognize them at the ACCESS Teacher Day on May 31, 2019. Each winner will then become a finalist for the state award and ultimately recognized by ALSDE.


UA’s ACCESS Support Center has a dedicated group of people who are able to enroll students in classes. Please review the Enrollment Dates document and contact us about course availability.

Virtual Field Trips

Each month (October thru May), ACCESS Virtual Learning offers virtual field trips that takes students on adventures to learn about the people and places that make Alabama a great state. Please click here to view a calendar of January’s dates and trips.

ACCESS Teacher Day

  • ACCESS Teacher Day (May 31, 2019): This year, ACCESS Teacher day will be held three times and hosted by each of the ACCESS Support Centers. The University of Alabama Support Center will host it’s ACCESS Teacher Day on May 31, 2019.  Attendees will learn how to be an ACCESS teacher and how to engage students in an online learning environment.