Fall 2018/Spring 2019

Courses aligned to seventh-grade standards. These courses are available for any seventh-grade student.

  • Math 7
  • English 7

Courses aligned to eighth-grade standards. These courses are available for any eighth-grade student.

  • Math 8
  • Science 8
  • English 8
  • World History 8
  • Creative Writing (full-year course or half-year course)
  • Journalism (half-year course)

Courses available for high school graduation credit. These are recommended for advanced/accelerated eighth-grade students upon counselor recommendationa and parent/guardian approvals.

  • Algebra I (1)
  • Geometry (1)
  • Career Preparedness A (1/2)
  • Business Technology Applications (1)
  • Spanish I (1)
  • French I (1)
  • German I (1)
  • Latin I (1)
  • Mandarin Chinese I (1)

The awarding of high school credit will be a decision of the LEA.  The number in the parentheses is the recommended credit.

Texbooks are not required for any of the courses listed above.

For more information please contact your regional support center. These can be found on the ACCESS website under the “contact us” tab. Futher information about the courses can also be found here. The course catalog contains a description of each course as well as technical requirements.